Benefits of Burning Scented Candles

Pure Soy Candle Benefits

Updated: January 10, 2023

Lighting a candle can bring a sense of warmth and comfort to any room. Burning a pure soy candle has even more benefits that make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to add a pleasant scent and atmosphere to their home. Not only are soy candles all-natural, but they also come with several other benefits, including extended burn times, better scent throw, and no soot.

Burning Pure Soy Candle Benefits

Longer Burning Time

Soy candles have a longer burning time than traditional paraffin wax candles. This is because soy wax is a cooler-burning wax, so it melts at a lower temperature. The lower melting temperature means that the candle will burn down more slowly than paraffin candles. In fact, pure soy candles can burn up to 50% longer than paraffin candles. This is great news for those who love the look and feel of burning candles but don’t want to constantly buy new ones.

Better Scent Throw

Soy candles are known for having an excellent scent throw, meaning that their scent permeates the room more effectively. This is because soy wax has a lower melting point which allows for better diffusion of the scent molecules. The scent of a soy candle will fill the room without being overpowering or too strong. This makes them the perfect choice for anyone looking for a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere in their home.

No Toxins or Soot

Soy candles are completely natural and contain no toxins or harmful chemicals like paraffin candles do. This means that they are much safer to use in the home than traditional candles as there is no risk of inhaling toxins or soot when burning them. Soy candles also do not produce any soot when they are lit, making them much cleaner and easier to clean up after they have been used.


Unlike paraffin wax, which is made from petroleum products, soy wax is biodegradable and non-toxic. This makes it a much better option for those who are looking to reduce their environmental footprint as the wax will eventually decompose without leaving any lasting damage to the environment.

Renewable Resource

Soy wax is made from soybeans, which are a renewable resource as they can be grown again each year. This makes soy candles much more eco-friendly as compared to other types of traditional waxes that must be extracted from limited resources such as petroleum products or beeswax.

Easy to Clean Up

Soy wax is much easier to clean up when spilled or melted than other types of waxes. It can be easily wiped away with just warm water and soap, making it an excellent choice for anyone who sometimes has difficulty keeping their candles mess-free.


Soy candles are often more affordable than other types of candles as they require less materials and production time to create them. This makes them an excellent choice for those who are on a budget but still want to enjoy the beauty and aroma of burning candles in their home.


Burning pure soy candles is an excellent choice for anyone looking to add a pleasant aroma and atmosphere to their home without compromising on safety or quality. Not only do soy candles last longer and have better scent throw than traditional paraffin candles, but they also come with several other benefits such as being biodegradable, renewable, easy to clean up, and affordable.